The Preventive Medicine brand of nutritional supplements started in 2002 and represents nearly 45 years of comprehensive research and development by the highest quality manufacturers in the United States.

Dr. Gardner’s product selection provides those supplements that are specifically designed to deliver the most bio-available forms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health and wellness.

All of the products listed below are available for purchase at the office (905 Roosevelt Hwy., Suite 210, Colchester, VT 05446).  We recommend that you call ahead to place your order and we’ll put it aside for you to pick up at your convenience. If you want the products shipped to you, we use the United States Postal Service.  Please be advised there is a $4.00 handling fee plus freight charges. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and AMEX are all welcomed.


Our mission in a nutshell – Wellness Delivered!

List of Our Vitamins & Supplements:

Adrenal Support (Capsule)

Artemesia + (Tablet)

Banderol (Liquid Extract)

Brain Memory Capsules

Brain Mood Capsules

Burbur (Liquid Extract)

Candida Crush (Capsule)

Chewable B12 (Tablet)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid/CLA (Softgel Capsule)

Detox Support (Capsule)

DHEA (Capsule)

DIM (Capsule)

D-Mannose (Powder)

Ester C & Bioflavonoids (Capsule)

Everyday Pack (Capsules & Tablets)

Fish Oil (Softgel Capsule)

Gluconic DMG 300 Liquid

MC-BAB-1 (Liquid Extract)


MC-BAR-1 (Liquid Extract)


MC-BB-1 (Liquid Extract)


Melatonin-Sublingual (Tablet)

Nattokinase (Capsule)

Natural Vitamin E (Softgel Capsule)


Probiotic – 25 Billion CFU (Capsule)

Resveratrol (Capsule)

Saccharomyces-Boulardii (Capsule)

Samento (Liquid Extract)

Stress B Capsules


Ubiquinol CoQ10 (Softgel Capsule)

Vitamin D3 5,000 IU (Softgel Capsule)

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