Dr. Hobie Fuerstman D.O. 

Hobie is passionate about helping each person find what being healthy and happy is to them. He strives to delve deep into what in a patient’s life may be at the root of what ails them. And he believes that mental health is key to overall physical well-being. As an osteopath, he also does structural exams to help keep the musculoskeletal and nervous systems in a strong and proactive balance.

To stay healthy and feel lively, Hobie enjoys spending time outside and seasonal cooking. He’s also involved with environmental and community education groups. Hobie earned his medical degree at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine before completing his family medicine residency at Orange Regional Medical Center. He’s board-certified by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians.



Dr Fuerstman is a top-notch physician! I cannot recommend him highly enough. His expertise will put you immediately at ease and his kindness will warm your heart. I have lived all over the world and had physicians from all types of backgrounds; Dr Fuerstman is among the very best. His compassion is unparalleled and his advice clear and sane. You’ll leave your appointment feeling heard, cared for and invigorated for the future.
Mari S.
I am so happy I chose Dr. Fuerstman as my primary physician! He was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable with answering all his questions. He really lets you know that he’s there for you, and answers any questions you may have. I’ve always preferred a DO and was extremely satisfied with his detailed responses to my questions. The office is very warm and modern, and doesn’t have the sterile feel of most doctor offices (which is a good thing!). Would highly recommend Dr. Fuerstman to my family and friends.
Mauricio G.


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